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In 1979: My newborn baby Patrick relaxing with me after a "breast feed".
Frequently asked questions
My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for five years but nothing has happened, can you tell me the reason?
Answer: Nobody can give a simple and honest answer to a question like this one. Many questions need to be asked about your lifestyle. Sometimes there needs to be some investigation of your cycles and perhaps of your boyfriend's sperm. However irregular cycles and poor sperm can usually be corrected by changes in lifestyle. You can usually do this yourself either by following the advice in the books or by obtaining a Report after answering one of the questionnaires. The reason I have developed the questionnaires and the books is to provide answers to questions like this.

I have had three miscarriages and my doctor says that I need IVF. Is this true?
Answer: IVF and drugs like Clomid are very unlikely to help a problem of miscarriage. It is necessary to discover the cause. Occasionally couples with miscarriages have a chromosome problem (revealed by a blood test) that explains the problem. Most couples do not have this type of problem, even if the baby's chromosomes are not normal. The problem usually lies in lifestyle, especially diet and/or chemical exposures.

Many couples with problems think that they have quite a good diet but the diet for conception differs in some ways from other healthy diets. It is really important to correct the lifestyle problems. IVF has a higher rate of abnormal babies than natural conception because it doesn't treat the lifestyle issues that are underlying the problems.

My husband has sperm antibodies, can you still help us?
Answer: Although antibodies are found more often in infertile couples, they don't usually prevent conception. It is necessary to balance the whole of your and his immune responses and usually that will overcome the problem. This will need close attention to your lifestyle and screening for any infections.

Do you use herbs and medications?
Answer: I don't personally use any herbs or medications. If you have any infections I would suggest that you get your doctor to prescribe a specific antibiotic. My work involves examining your lifestyle (through the books and/or questionnaires and/or counselling). When I say lifestyle I include the common things like exercise, food and drinks and occupation but I also consider past emotional issues, stress, clothes, hobbies, infections, sex and sexuality, sleep patterns etc. There are very many important aspects of lifestyle that other practitioners (even natural practitioners) overlook. I do suggest nutritional supplements and vitamins to some people.

Do you have a high success rate?
Answer: This is a tricky question. I have exceptional success working with couples who have a history of miscarriage provided the woman is not too old. Age, itself can be limiting. Infertility is more complex because stress and emotional factors can play such an important role. I believe that 'Making Love & Babies" will help many couples but this and Sperm Count are very new books. Many couples do overcome infertility naturally.

I am 41 - can you help me?
Answer: Chronological age is not necessarily the same as biological age. If you make the changes in diet that I suggest and take the special supplements you may notice that your cycle becomes much more regular. If this happens then you have probably overcome the age-related problem. I would say that about 50% of women respond. It just depends how close you are to menopause. Your own mother's age of menopause might give you some indication.

Many of the Testimonials are from people who you counselled, does reading the books alone help?
Answer: Certainly. I have had great feedback from many people who've overcome problems just by reading It Takes Two. I don't always get written feedback but friends and business associates are frequently telling me how much my book helped their children. The other books are new but they contain some incredibly important information that I'm sure will help with those infertility and miscarriage problems that have been elusive.
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