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In 1979: My newborn baby Patrick relaxing with me after a "breast feed".
How it works
Can you imagine becoming pregnant naturally without drugs or intrusive technology?
Fertility clinics have created a new myth that infertility treatments need to be expensive and intrusive. Not only is this wrong but IVF and Assisted Conception Clinics don't want you to know the truth.
What is the truth?
The simple truth is that most problems of fertility and miscarriage are caused by today's lifestyle. Lifestyle factors include food and drink (too much, too little, wrong balance etc), chemical exposures, occupational exposures and stressors, medications, disturbed sleep patterns, exercise (too much or too little), infections, poor sexual technique, stress and many other unhealthy habits.
If lifestyle is corrected, is fertility restored?
In most cases the answer is yes. Sometimes there are problems like blocked tubes or very low sperm count that will require medical intervention. Most couples can resolve their own problems. Take a minute to have a look at our testimonials.
If lifestyle problems aren't corrected, is IVF safe?
In many cases the answer to this question is 'no'.Recent research from the University of California showed that the problems causing infertility also cause problems in the baby. Babies born to couples experiencing infertility problems had 2.7 times the risk of autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, seizures and cancer. Professor Mary Croughan (BBC News) said "It is as if a brick wall has stopped you becoming pregnant. Treatment allows you to climb over the wall, but it is still there and it goes on to cause problems".
Do you want your baby to be happy and healthy?
Of course you want a healthy, happy baby. The best way to have your dream come true is to:



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