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Sperm Count
Sperm Count - Dr Judy Ford
Sperm Count
Sperm Count
A man's sperm count gives a very good indication of his fertility. A sperm count varies quite dramatically and more than one sample is often necessary to get a true estimate of the sperm count. If there are no sperm (azoospermia) or very low numbers (oligospermia), there is very little chance that this man can father a child without some intervention. If the sperm count shows that the sperm have no tails or some other serious defect, there is also no chance of natural conception. In these cases the couple might be able to be helped by IVF clinics. However they should not consider intervention without tests to elucidate the cause of the problem because this could result in the birth of a child with a serious birth defect.
Sperm counts that are below 'par'
The cause of low sperm count, poor sperm morphology or poor sperm motility can often be due to some aspect of lifestyle. Chemical toxins, inadequate or unbalanced diet, infection, chronic illness, stress, medical and social drugs and heating of the testes are amongst the common correctable lifestyle causes of low sperm count and infertility. There is even information on how to overcome the effects of ageing and its effects on a man's fertility and virility. New information on the effects of different types of chairs and underpants on sperm count and sperm morphology underline just how many problems can be corrected relatively easily.
The book is also available as a hard copy called 'Build sperm with attitude'.
Total cost US $19.95
Why you should read: 'Sperm Count' by Dr Judy Ford
Over recent years there has been a great deal of attention given to male fertility and virility. Much of the discussion is driven by parties who have vested business or political interests.
Dr Judy Ford's own research led to strong evidence that many common aspects of lifestyle can lead to deterioration of sperm count, sperm morphology and sperm motility. Her work has been supported and expanded by other studies. Many aspects of lifestyle that contribute to reduced fertility or even infertility can be corrected quite easily. Dr Judy has helped men overcome their problems by explaining why their work or habits are causing their problems. Men who wish to take control of their own lives can address these issues quite simply. It's just a matter of understanding how things work and how to optimise the health of the testes.
This is a book for men who want to learn and take control.
Table of Contents:  
  1 The Male System  
    Virility and fertility: there’s a difference
How great is the real decrease in male fertility?
Semen and Sperm: How the system works
  2 Temperature regulation & male fertility  
    Why do they hang down?
Does the type of underpants really matter?
Sitting all day
Heat through exercise
Hot Environments
  3 Healthy habits & male fertility  
Drinking water to avoid dehydration
The importance of sleep and darkness
  4 Age  
    Male age & negative effects on reproduction
Physiological effects of ageing and GLA supplementation
  5 Toxic Exposures at Home and Work  
    What are toxins?
How do toxic substances enter our bodies?
Toxic chemicals and radiations
Damage to genes and chromosomes
Chemicals which cause cells to make errors of division
Oestrogens and chemicals which mimic oestrogens
Chemicals that affect cell function
Effects of toxins on reproduction
Chemical exposures at work and at leisure
Home renovation
Other activities which might expose you to chemicals
General principles of avoidance
How chemicals leave the body: Detoxification strategies
  6 Taking a look at illness and medication  
    In General
The Flu and the ‘What’s going around bug’
Other Contagious Diseases
Chronic and Long-term Illness:
Thyroid Disease
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Diabetes
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Epilepsy
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Renal Disease
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Gout
Chronic and Long-term Illness:
High Blood Pressure
Chronic and Long-term Illness:
Gut Bugs & various Intestinal Disorders
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Cancer
Chronic and Long-term Illness: Psychiatric Disorder
Accidents, Back Problems and Related Conditions
Sexually transmitted diseases
  7 ĎOver the counterí drugs and Social Drugs  
    Tobacco smoking
Marijuana and other social drugs
Heated spas and saunas
Over the counter medicinal drugs
Secondary nutritional deficiencies caused by drugs
Transmission of chemicals and drugs to your partner
  8 Food and Nutrition  
    Outcome of counselling couples
Ideal diet
Vegetables and fruit
Fats in general
Are they foods or drugs?
Special foods and supplements
Food combining for health
Eat organic
  9 Unusual but important problems  
Antisperm Antibodies
  10 Genes and Chromosomes, Problems they can cause  
    What are genes?
Genetic Inheritance Explained
Genes that affect Reproduction
What are Chromosomes?
Types of Chromosome Abnormalities
Constitutional Chromosome Abnormalities that underlie Problems in Reproduction
Who should have their Chromosomes examined?
  11 Sexual Problems and Infertility  
    Sexual Problems
Frequent Sex
Further Information  

Total cost US $19.95
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